Feb 142010
 February 14, 2010  Posted by  Laws, U.S.

Dustin Hurst reports:

Legislators 0n the House Resources and Conservation Committee introduced a bill Thursday to protect the identity of any hunter that kills a wolf in Idaho. The man who caused this bill to be brought before the Legislature thinks it is bad legislation.

The issue arose when Idaho opened up a wolf hunt after the animals were de-listed under the Endangered Species Act. Once the hunt was under way, anyone who managed to kill a wolf was required to report it to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game so it could keep an accurate tally for the quota measurement. Since kill reports were a matter of public record, they were also subject to the laws of the Freedom of Information Act which is designed to give greater access to government.

Following the hearing Thursday, IdahoReporter.com contacted Rick Hobson, the man who posted the names of the hunters on the Internet.  He described the fill as “unfortunate” and not in keeping with freedom of speech and information.

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