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 May 17, 2016  Posted by  Breaches, Online, Youth & Schools

Maybe it’s just selective attention, but it seems that there are more reports coming out of  students taking problematic pictures of other students in public spaces of schools. In today’s news, Ryan Smith reports on a situation in Des Moines, Iowa:

Polk County authorities are investigating a scandalous blog featuring the backsides of multiple girls at Saydel High School.

School officials alerted the girls Thursday that their pictures showed up on a Tumblr page.

The school’s response does not sound as supportive of the victims as the students and their parents might hope:

Most of the pics show close ups of girls’ backsides in yoga pants. Some victims contacted KCCI upset that school officials had responded by criticizing their choice in clothing.

“Instead of putting blame where it should be, which is this little boy being a pervert, they are shaming little girls into thinking it’s their fault for wearing yoga pants,” said Dhabolt.

The district does not agree with the characterization of their response as unsupportive.

Read more on KCCI.

Do you think the district should handle this in-house as a student disciplinary issue, or do you think law enforcement should be involved? I vote for the former approach (in-house).


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