Jun 102021
 June 10, 2021  Posted by  Business, Healthcare

When Joe Cadillic sent this along, I thought “I Would Rather Die Than Let Facebook Monitor My Heart Rate”  was his comment to me.

Then I realized it was the headline of a news story.  In either event, I totally agree with it.

Victoria Song writes:

Facebook is reportedly developing a smartwatch to take on Apple, and while those of us who have been paying attention to Facebook’s shenanigans for several years now are cringing, clearly there’s a market for Facebook hardware—look at the success of its smart display, Portal.

But a smartwatch may be a different story. If you’ve been reading between the lines, Facebook’s interest in wearables may not come as a surprise. We already know it’s tinkering on a pair of AR glasses with Ray-Ban, and deep-dive blogs from its Facebook Reality Labs have hinted at “soft wristbands,” “haptic gloves” and “wrist-mounted wearables” as key elements to interacting with AR interfaces. However, those were more theoretical. This purported smartwatch is very real and will possibly include two cameras, a heart rate monitor, and tie-ins to Facebook’s social media platforms.

Read more on Gizmodo.


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