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 July 13, 2015  Posted by  Featured News, Surveillance

Claudio Agosti writes:

Is radical transparency the best solution to expose injustice in this technocratic world, a world that is changing faster than law can keep up with?

That question became even more relevant to me, a privacy activist, when I found myself in the Wikileaks archive, because I worked at Hacking Team 9 years ago.

The break-in at the Italian malware-producing company has been a unique event in exposing every detail of how these types of companies operate.

What followed was an effort by the international Internet community to review what that means. Privacy activists and hackers were able to dig in the enormous amount of information released and to find proof that Hacking Team was serving dictatorships.

This is a leak in the public interest, and I really feel that the personal and corporate damage is smaller than the improvement our society can gain from it. But to reach such an improvement, we have to focus on the bigger picture rather than getting distracted by the juicy details.

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