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 May 1, 2018  Posted by  Misc, Online

So pretty much all of my regular readers know I detest Facebook and have never had a Facebook account.

Recently though, my husband decided to get on Facebook to participate in a closed group affiliated with the dog shelter where he volunteers as a dog-walker.

It will come as no surprise to those who know him that a man who cannot figure out how to connect to the Internet if we’re not near our home router didn’t get his privacy settings right.

In any case,  this afternoon, he was injured at the dog shelter and was sent to an emergency room because it was a pretty bad dog bite and the local doctor felt he needed to be seen by a hand specialist.  He’ll be fine, thank goodness, but he needed a bunch of stitches and his hand is looking like sausages.

Anyway, as we sat there a little while ago, eating dinner and watching the news, the phone rang. It was our daughter.

“How’s everything going?” she asked.

“Fine,” I answered, cheerily. “How are you?”

Then she started yelling. “What do you mean everything’s fine? Why did I find out on Facebook that my father went to the hospital? Is he okay? Why didn’t you call me?”

“How did you find out on Facebook?” I asked her, stalling for time to think of an answer.

“Dad posted it on his page,” she said.

I looked over at my husband. “You posted it on your page?”

“I thought I was only posting it to the closed group,” he mumbled, looking down at his sandwich.

This man does not know the difference between a closed group and his public posts.  Why, oh why, is he on Facebook? Is there a setting that says “Never post anything publicly and only post to this one closed group?” If not, maybe Zuckerberg can create one for him – if he’s not too busy shredding WhatsApp privacy protections.


  3 Responses to “I told him to stay off Facebook, but no….”

  1. I’m am trying very hard not to giggle about the Facebook thing. 🙂 You can post public, friends-only, and then custom (customized friends list), and, of course, to groups. I don’t think group posts go on your timeline directly unless you put them there, though.

    So, now…when do you think you will get on Facebook yourself? (ducks & runs)


  2. Hahahaha OMG this made me laugh. I’ve told everyone since ‘SPYBOOK’ was invented to stay off it. But no one listened.

    PI’s have been calling FACEBOOK, SPYBOOK since it’s inception.

    Good luck keeping your info. secret, you’re gonna need it.

  3. Whatever you do make sure he doesn’t join 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, Family Tree DNA or

    Then you can really say goodbye to your privacy.

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