Sep 032011
 September 3, 2011  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Adam Mills reports:

HTC made headlines a few days ago when allegations were made stating that the HTC Sensation 4G and the HTC EVO 3D were spying on users. The claim said that the latest software updates for both devices were spying on owners by collecting data including user location as well as inputting other user data like app installations and more in the background. This of course started a chorus of groans hurled in HTC’s direction.

Today, HTC has responded to the allegations in a statement to BGR and claim that the functions are tied in with an opt-in service and that the company is not, in fact, spying on its users.

The data that is being collected is apparently encrypted and anything that might be used to identify users is removed prior to the data being transmitted. This apparently is only happening on devices where the user has opted-in to an error reporting feature provided by HTC.

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