Nov 202009
 November 20, 2009  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S.

From Javno:

According to the current law, a person that changes their name has to have both names on the birth certificate.

Representatives of the lesbian group Kontra, in association with Croatian Women’s Network and Iskorak, delivered a proposal to the Croatian Constitutional Court in which they challenge the validity of the current law on personal names.

Associations believe that current laws on the birth certificates and personal names violate the Constitutional right on privacy.

President of the Kontra, Sanja Juras, clarifies that the personal name Act violates the right to privacy because it requires all the changed names to be published on a bulletin board….. Since there are no legal exceptions for sex change, the association warns that all citizens and individuals can find out about sex change through the bulletin board or documents like birth certificates.

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