Dec 182018
 December 18, 2018  Posted by  Govt

Ugh.  My friend, who evaluates people who may be impaired drivers, made me aware that there’s a site where you can look up license plates and find out how many tickets and violations the vehicle might have associated with it.  From


But note that this lookup is not confined to New York license plates. You can pull down info from other locales as well.  And clicking on the parking and camera violations link will take you to downloadable public data by year. 

Joe Cadillic will not be pleased. 

  2 Responses to “How’s My Driving?”

  1. To say that I am not pleased would be an understatement. Can anyone say “stalker” or worse? This is a perfect example of out of control govt. surveillance.

  2. Given what I’ve been going through for the past two years, yes, “stalker” immediately came to mind. Also the risk this might pose to domestic violence victims if their location on a particular time and date were revealed. Apart from those who might just be snoops/gossipers. There’s so many ways these data and sites can potentially be misused.

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