Nov 222017
 November 22, 2017  Posted by  Business, Laws

Joe Cadillic sends along this item from WCAX:

How much does the state of Vermont know about your online purchases? Right now– not much. But as Cat Viglienzoni found out, that’s changing thanks to a new law. We started digging into this after 20,000 of you got letters saying you might owe the state a “use tax.” We found out it’s partly to get you ready for changes coming next year.

“You start to wonder whether the time that is spent on this issue is worth the benefit it provides,” said Jeff Fothergill, a CPA.

Read more on WCAX.

Do you really want the state to know what you buy and where? Would that chill your lawful conduct in any way?


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  1. I could have sworn I had posted that one already, but I don’t see it, so thank you!

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