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Laura Parkinson reports on a Spanish social networking site that many Americans – this blogger included – may never have heard about. But if you’re a Facebook user – or someone who complains about all of the privacy concerns about Facebook – you may want to learn about Tuenti, as it shows that you can have a popular network while protecting privacy. Here’s a snippet from the article:

I was surprised the first time I tried to update my Tuenti status with a blog post. First, it only showed the link. Unlike on Facebook, there was no option to provide a preview of the post.

Then when I checked the link, I got the “Unsecured External Link” warning pop-up box shown below.


Tuenti has a news feed feature as well, but — rather than updating it with the content from users’ friends — it only lists their friends, the last time they did something on Tuenti, and if they have any updates (e.g., added photos, changed statuses, or had their walls written on). The news feed simply informs users that something new has happened on their friends’ profiles. One has to click on each profile to find out exactly what the changes are.

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