Feb 012022
 February 1, 2022  Posted by  Misc, Online

Patrick Kariuki writes:

Meta has announced updates for end-to-end encrypted chats on Facebook Messenger. Default end-to-end encryption won’t arrive on Messenger until sometime in 2023, but now you can opt-in and take advantage of the added features.

The most noteworthy development is the addition of a control to its disappearing messages that notifies you if your chat partner takes a screenshot of your conversation. Here’s what you need to know….


How to Activate Screenshot Notifications on Messenger

Because Messenger’s end-to-end encryption isn’t turned on by default, you have to enable Secret Conversations with each Messenger contact. Both parties must have the latest version of the app. If one party doesn’t, they’ll have to update the app before this feature can work on their end.

Read more of how to implement notifications at MakeUseOf.

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