Dec 272013
 December 27, 2013  Posted by  Surveillance

Ryan Goodman has a post on Just Security that is part of an ongoing dialogue* about the report by the President’s Review Group. Ryan writes:

The question I consider in this post is whether the Group’s assessment will, and should, signal the effective demise of the program. I examine the strongest claims that proponents of the program may still raise; and I propose some analytic tools for considering the issue of effectiveness, so that we might all (proponents, opponents, and others alike) candidly assess this particular program’s potential security benefits.

Read his commentary on Just Security.

*[Editor’s Note: Just Security is holding a “mini forum” on the Report by the President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies. Others in the series include a post by Marty Lederman analyzing the Report’s highlights, post by Julian Sanchez examining the scope of the NSA’s section 702 program, a post by David Cole and Marty Lederman analyzing how metadata is used under section 215, and a post by Jennifer Granick discussing the implications for non-US persons (with a follow-up post by Jennifer).]


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