Oct 162014
 October 16, 2014  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S.

This report on Whisper by Dominic Rushe and Paul Lewis of The Guardian seems to have Neetzan Zimmerman of Whisper (@neetzan) in a fury, as Sam Biddle notes on Kinja.

UPDATE: Alyson Shontell reports Whisper Just Wrote A 5-Page Response To A Scathing Security Report: ‘We Do Not Track Or Follow Our Users’.

  One Response to “How the ‘safest place on the internet’ tracks its users (UPDATED)”

  1. An iOS forensics expert takes a preliminary quick look at it:

    “… the Whisper app does not appear to be a social networking application with analytics; it appears to be an analytics and user acquisition application that also happens to have a social networking component.”

    Note: the website above won’t load if you block java and other things.

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