Jan 142020
 January 14, 2020  Posted by  Govt

Andrew Eversden reports:

The Office of Management and Budget released a draft memorandum Jan. 13 providing guidance to agencies on how they should approach regulation of industry’s artificial intelligence applications.

The guidance emphasizes that agencies should consider how any regulatory action would potentially hinder expansion of AI use. The draft memo “calls on agencies, when considering regulations or policies related to AI applications, to promote advancements in technology and innovation.”

“Agencies must avoid a precautionary approach that holds AI systems to such an impossibly high standard that society cannot enjoy their benefits,” OMB officials wrote. “Where AI entails risk, agencies should consider the potential benefits and costs of employing AI, when compared to the systems AI has been designed to complement or replace.”

Read more on Federal Times.

Isn’t this how we wound up with so many of the problems we have today — by folks saying, “Let’s not over-regulate because it stifles innovation?”  Why not start out with a privacy and civil liberties board specifically focused on AI that reviews things from the git go?

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