Nov 062021
 November 6, 2021  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Healthcare, Non-U.S.

“So, in the end, my data are floating somewhere in the cloud and nobody is responsible.”

You really must read this piece by Alan Freeman. Seriously.

The first email arrived in my inbox in early September, inviting me to “Take Control of Your Health.” I was then offered a range of health services, including lab testing, sleep-apnea treatment, and medical imaging.

The emails, including one on breast-cancer screening, came from a Quebec company called Biron Inc., a private health-care-services company that promised to send me a monthly newsletter with lots of similarly useful advice.

“You’re receiving this email because you are subscribed to this newsletter or you’re a client of Biron Health Group, one of its subsidiaries or partners,” said a French-language advisory at the end of the newsletter. Really?

Where did this company get my private information?


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