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 June 15, 2019  Posted by  Featured News, Healthcare

From the while-you-were-looking-over-there-here’s-what-they-were-doing-over-here dept., Rebecca Pifer reports:

Debate around establishing a country-wide method to link patients to their records has been going on for some time now, pitting the medical community, IT vendors and payers against some lawmakers and third-party groups concerned about privacy.

The House nod on the measure by Rep. Bill Foster, D-Illinois, to reverse the 23-year-old ban drew further warnings about the risk to privacy.


Opponents argue that, unless HHS creates and maintains rigorous safeguards, patient identifiers could be stolen or misplaced, leading to fraud, black market ID sales and long-term damaging effects on a victim’s personal, professional and financial lives.

Read more on Healthcare Dive. This opens up so many ways to misuse data or harm patients that it’s downright scary to me. I know that there may be times and situations in which a national identifier that could pull up all of a patient’s records could be life-saving, but does that justify the increased risk to everyone else?

Your thoughts?

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