Oct 072021
 October 7, 2021  Posted by  Healthcare, Laws, U.S.

One of my go-to lawyers on HIPAA is Matt Fisher. Last week, he wrote:

The spotlight continues to shine brightly on HIPAA, especially as an excuse, when it comes to professional athletes responding to questions around COVID vaccine status. The most recent string of erroneous responses started strongly over the summer when NFL training camps kicked into gear. As players returned and the league indicated its intentions for health safety, questions were often posed to players to find where they all stood. Before diving into a bit from my perspective, I encourage readers to check out a similar article by Charles Curtis on ForTheWin with USA Today where I was able to provide some perspective.

As players fielded the questions, some answered, but others deflected. Deflections tried to rely on HIPAA, but that reliance was misplaced.

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