Jun 282022
 June 28, 2022  Posted by  Surveillance

Zeyi Yang reports:

You may never have heard of Hikvision, but chances are you’ve already been captured by one of its millions of cameras. The Chinese company’s products can be found anywhere from police surveillance systems to baby monitors in more than 190 countries. Its ability to make decent-quality products at cheap prices (as well as its ties with the Chinese state) has helped make Hikvision the largest manufacturer of video surveillance equipment in the world.

But while Hikvision’s close links with the Chinese government have helped it grow, it is these links that may now be its undoing.

Read more at MIT Technology Review.

h/t,  Joe Cadillic, who tried to call our attention to this company back in 2020 on his MassPrivateI blog. At the time, Joe had linked to an article in RadioFreeEurope-RadioLiberty. One great way for folks to keep up with surveillance issues and tech developments is to subscribe to Joe’s Politically Incorrect News substack.

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