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 October 7, 2010  Posted by  Featured News, Online

Mike Melanson writes:

Facebook announced some great changes yesterday – users finally have a way to download all their information and photos, there’s a dashboardto handle applications and privacy settings, and even a nifty new way to handle all of your social connections in their numerous and varied stratifications. It did, however, forget its much-needed mantra – opt-in, not opt-out.

If your friends have caught wind of the groups feature already, then hang on to your inbox, because things are about to get messy unless you tweak some settings…and fast.

Already, Facebook users are waking up this morning and complaining about the notifications they’re receiving by email for groups they didn’t agree to join. One blogger tweets “Oh, Facebook. I wanted to like groups, but now I’m on 50 unwanted email lists. More incompetent defaults, or an attempt to undermine email?” Another asks that Facebook “By default, never notify me via EMAIL of messages from groups that people add me to.” The Huffington Post has a full slideshow of people complaining/moaning/groaning about Facebook.

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