Feb 292020
 February 29, 2020  Posted by  Business, Online, Surveillance, U.S.

Anna Merlan reports on what information Clearview sent her about herself when she made a request under California law for her records and to have them deleted:

I emailed [email protected] and requested information on any of my personal data that Clearview obtained, the method by which they obtained it, and how it was used. (You can read the guidelines they claim to follow under the CCPA here.) I also asked that all said data be deleted after it was given to me and opted out of Clearview’s data collection systems in the future. In response, 11 days later, Clearview emailed me back asking for “a clear photo” of myself and a government-issued ID.

“Clearview does not maintain any sort of information other than photos,” the company wrote. “To find your information, we cannot search by name or any method other than image. Additionally, we need to confirm your identity to guard against fraudulent access requests. Finally, we need your name to maintain a record of removal requests as required by law.”

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h/t, Joe Cadillic

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