Apr 262013
 April 26, 2013  Posted by  Court

David Kravets reports:

There’s many reasons to password-protect — or encrypt — one’s digital data. Foremost among them is to protect it during a security breach.

Another top reason is to keep the government out of your hard drive.

The issue is front and center as a federal magistrate is refusing to order a Wisconsin computer scientist to decrypt his data that the authorities seized from kiddie-porn suspect Jeffrey Feldman.

Read more on Threat Level.

  One Response to “Here’s a Good Reason to Encrypt Your Data”

  1. Too bad the UK sucks in this field.

    [citation needed] ? okay




    Sucks to live in the UK right now.

    I sense an ultra-violent uprising won’t be far off if they keep passing laws like that, but whilst they continue to watch crap like Britains Got Talent(sic) that won’t be happening for a while.

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