Jan 192011
 January 19, 2011  Posted by  Misc, Online

Last week, I called a few members of Congress to ask them to introduce a resolution naming January 28 National Data Privacy Day.  They’ve done that in past years, but no one seems to have done anything this year.  The Senate is in recess until the 25th.  The House is currently in session.  I’ll keep checking the Congressional Record each day to see if the resolution is introduced.

But let’s get busy and make a few phone calls to promote Data Privacy Day 2011, folks:

1.  Call your Senator and Representative and ask them if they will introduce the resolution for National Data Privacy Day 2011.  They can use the language of 2010’s resolution as a model:  S.Res. 402 and H.Res. 902.

2.  Call your Governor and ask if your governor will issue a proclamation for Data Privacy Day 2011.

You can find contact phone numbers for legislators and governors via Congress.org by plugging in your zip code.

If you get any responses, please use the Comments section to post what you were told.

Let’s get them paying attention to privacy and make it clear to them that their constituents care about privacy.

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