Jun 012016
 June 1, 2016  Posted by  Announcements

My favorite conference of the year is PLSC. I always feel honored that this  snarky non-lawyer, non-scholarly PITA is invited.

I’ll be on the road much of today, and if you can believe it, I will be staying with a friend who has… wait for it… dial-up.

I’ll  be updating occasionally during the conference, but all will be caught up over the weekend if I miss anything important.

If you’re at PLSC this week and we’ve never met, do come find me and say hello. Not sure where to look? Eventually, I always make my way over to the coffee pot. Or just ask Chris or Dan or Ryan or Woody to point me out…

Safe travels, everyone.

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  1. More like wrt should be saying safe travels to you. Enjoy the time and of course being snarkey.

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