Dec 302020
 December 30, 2020  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Laws, Surveillance, U.S.

Antony G. Attrino reports:

When Nijeer Parks walked out of a New Jersey prison in 2016, he returned to his family in Paterson and told them he was done messing up his life.

Twice convicted for selling drugs, Parks spent six years behind bars and said he decided after his release to earn an honest living. He found a job as a clerk at the local PriceRite, began saving money and made plans to marry his fiancé.

So when police last year filed numerous charges against Parks stemming from a shoplifting incident at a Woodbridge hotel in which the suspect hit a police car before fleeing the scene, the ex-convict who had worked eagerly to repair his life, tried just as hard to clear his name.

Read more on Their editor had noted:

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to remove the name of a facial recognition software firm. It is unknown which facial recognition program was used to identify Nijeer Parks. It has also been updated to include a statement from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

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