Mar 032021
 March 3, 2021  Posted by  Govt, Online, U.S.

Bryan Lowry reports:

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about data the bureau has collected from banks, cellular companies and social media platforms in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.


Hawley’s questioning focused on data the bureau has collected in its investigation — rather than on the causes of the attack — suggesting that the agency may be overreaching its legal authority.

He asked Wray about geolocation data and metadata collected from cell phone companies.

Read more on McClatchy.  You may despise Hawley (or love him), but regardless, the questions are good questions to ask and to pursue to make sure that the government doesn’t use the insurrection as an opportunity to expand its ability to gather and use data without a warrant or even reasonable suspicion.

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