Jan 222013
 January 22, 2013  Posted by  Misc

I couldn’t understand why a regular reader from Texas sent me a link to an article about fining residents if they didn’t clean up their dog poo. After all, that’s the case in many towns and cities by now and didn’t strike me as newsworthy.

But then I read the news story and my jaw dropped:

A Plano apartment complex is set to become the latest North Texas multi-family residential facility to demand DNA tests of all dogs living on the property in an effort to catch owners who fail to pick up their dog’s waste.

Read more on NBC DFW.

So in Texas, students can be RFID-chipped to boost attendance revenues and dogs can be subjected to mandatory DNA testing so their owners can be fined if the dog poo isn’t cleaned up. Surveillance in Texas seems to be a revenue-generating scheme.

Is it too late for me to sign that petition about Texas seceding from the union?  Sheesh.

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