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 December 23, 2009  Posted by  Featured News, Misc

As many of us head into the last-minute rush and chaos of holiday preparations, I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy Holidays.

Thanks to all those of you who have emailed me over the past year to thank me for this site and to tell me how much you value it.

Many readers are surprised to learn that there is no team or sponsorship behind This site and its companion sites – and – are a one-woman volunteer effort. I do not seek donations nor accept advertising.   And no, I’m not looking for you to make a holiday donation to this site because I wouldn’t accept it — unless it’s a news tip or link you’re donating.

But if you are so inclined, take a moment out of your holiday preparations and make a donation to any of the organizations you admire that help protect our privacy and rights.   Make a donation in your friends’ or family’s honor to a worthwhile cause.   And if you really care about privacy, you can help the Electronic Frontier Foundation by:

  1. Signing an Open Letter to President Obama on CREDO’s site. Help promote greater transparency and respect for our Freedom of Information Laws. Then:
  2. Vote for EFF. After you sign the letter, vote for EFF. The 50 nonprofits on CREDO’s 2009 list will divide $3,000,000 based on percentage of votes received from CREDO customers and activists. CREDO will give you 100 points to vote — you can divide them among organizations or give them all to EFF.   So far, EFF is slated to get 4.7% of the revenues, but that could change at any time.  Voting ends December 31, so please take action now.

You may wonder why I keep promoting EFF when there are other equally dedicated organizations that I also have great respect for.  It’s because EFF is there when bloggers need help or bloggers’ rights are threatened. They are there when the government wiretaps   us without warrants. They are there and passionately involved in issues that affect all of us. And they will continue to be there for you even if you are not there for them.

When an organization is in your corner, take a moment to be there in their corner.  You’ll thank me later, as Monk would say.

And now I’ll return to our regularly scheduled broadcast…

Image credit: Walt Kelly, the talented creator of Pogo Possum.

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