Mar 182017
 March 18, 2017  Posted by  Announcements

Eleven years ago today, Ziplock and I opened The original site resides only on our hard drives by now, but the fond memories remain.

Many of the issues you see covered on this site these days -like warrantless surveillance and student privacy – were also covered on the site back in 2006. And despite my hope that surveillance would become less of an issue if citizens asserted our right to be free of warrantless surveillance, we are being surveilled more than ever, it seems.

So mentally jump ahead 11 years and ask yourself what the privacy landscape may look like in 2028. Will we all be using national IDs with biometric identification? Will every public space be thoroughly surveilled? Will only the very wealthy have any access to or right to privacy?

It’s a chilling image.

It’s not enough to just inform yourself or read privacy news. We all need to take action. Don’t know how or where to start? Start by joining EFF, the ACLU, or any other organization that fights for privacy rights. Then start contacting legislators, participating in local political events, and standing up for what you believe. Don’t count on the next guy to do it for you.

Buy okay, have a piece of cake first and help us celebrate our birthday!


  3 Responses to “Happy Birthday,!”

  1. Thank you for all of the news links you share and post on this site and your tirelessly (or is it actually tiring 🙂 ) effort you to continuously add to this site. I am enamored and admire your tenacity to continuously keep it going, even when sometimes the constant fight to change and take action seems bleak and going nowhere on these issues.

  2. Congrats on your 11th., anniversary.

  3. Way to go guys!!! I don’t want to think about the dark future ahead, but keep up the good work!!! and Enjoy the Cake!

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