Aug 062010
 August 6, 2010  Posted by  Breaches, Online

Dean Wilson reports:

In a bold move some hackers are offering tech support and customer service for removing malware from their victims’ computers, according to research by Kaspersky Lab.

The discovery showed a number of criminal syndicates offering e-mail, live chat, and telephone support for removing malware that these same syndicates installed. In many cases the advice offered does not remove the malware, but actually tricks the user into installing more.

Some of the operations are so advanced that they appear like genuine security services. Fake anti-malware software, called scareware, is advertised and installed, warning of infections that may or may not even exist. To solve the non-existant problem a 24/7 fully-manned switchboard with multi-language support is offered. Some even offer refunds to unsatisfied “customers”.


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