May 082013
 May 8, 2013  Posted by  Youth & Schools

Paula Katinas reports:

In the wake of mounting criticism of a plan to share the private records of New York City public school students with businesses that market educational products, the organization that would be assisting the city’s Department of Education is seeking to clarify its role in the project.

In an email to a reporter, Alyse Aanestad, a representative of inBloom Inc., denied that the non-profit group would be sharing any information with for-profit businesses to the detriment of students.

Aanstad stated that inBloom Inc. would simply be helping school districts manage student data and that the districts, not inBloom Inc., would decide if that information is to be shared with outsiders.

Read more on Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Isn’t that what we mean by “aiding and abetting?”

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