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 July 21, 2009  Posted by  Breaches, Non-U.S., Online

Local Green Party candidate Peter Ellis received a lesson in Internet safety recently after his e-mail account was hacked and used as part of an online fraud.

Someone hacked into Ellis’ Hotmail account and used it to send out a request for money under the bogus premise that it was needed for an emergency medical procedure.

The writer, posing as Ellis, said he “was on a trip to Ontario to visit my ill daughter.” In the e-mail, the writer indicated the daughter needed an emergency hysterectomy, which would costs thousands of British pounds. The e-mail included a request for a loan of $1,500 pounds.

Those familiar with Ellis would have known quickly that this was a sham, he said. Ellis’ daughter is eight and lives at home.

Read more in the Alliston Herald.

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