Sep 272011
 September 27, 2011  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Surveillance

More on a disturbing new policy of the NFL:

Lambeau Field may seem a lot like an airport beginning Sunday.

The Packers will use TSA hand-held wands to check fans entering Lambeau Field starting with the game against the Denver Broncos as part of the NFL’s enhanced security measures. Pat-downs also may be used for the process.

The procedure will use the same lines at entry gates, but fans should expect a longer wait to get into the stadium. That’s why the Packers organization is asking fans to arrive early to allow for extra time when entering the stadium.

“The enhanced security procedures at Lambeau Field recommended by the NFL will increase the safety of fans at our games,” said Doug Collins, Packers director of security/risk management.


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  1. According to news reports, at least one parent in Charlotte, North Carolina is calling for frisks of spectators at high school football games. See 10th paragraph in link below for more.

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