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 June 23, 2017  Posted by  Surveillance, U.S., Workplace

Howard Frank reports:

The Pleasant Valley School District hired a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to represent district employees in testimony each are being required to provide to a Monroe County grand jury.

The Monroe County District Attorney’s office has not disclosed the subject of the grand jury investigation to the school district, according to attorney Gerald Geiger. Geiger’s firm, Newman Williams Mishkin PC, represents the school district. Grand jury investigations are usually done in private, as not to implicate a subject who has not been indicted.


Although the subject of the investigation has not been officially disclosed, school board member Dilbert Zackarias believes he knows why.

“It’s obviously the wiretapping. I can’t think of anything else,” he said.

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Update: The original post from June 23 appears to have been pulled and then republished on June 25 at this link.

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