Mar 072014
 March 7, 2014  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Govt, Surveillance, U.S.

A federal judge with a secret court has refused the Obama administration’s request to extend storage of classified National Security Agency telephone surveillance data beyond the current five-year limit.

The Justice Department had argued several pending lawsuits over the bulk data collection program require it to preserve the records for a longer period of time.

Judge Reggie Walton, who presides over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, concluded on Friday the government had not overcome larger privacy concerns.

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  One Response to “Government can’t hold NSA data longer”

  1. A step in the right direction, but a very small step in a sea of illegal state sponsored industrial espionage no less.

    I’d like to see the NSA reigned in completely, no more mass surveillance spying on Americans without exception, and no more mass surveillance on allied countries, e.g the UK or commonwealth countries.

    Want to spy on someone, get a warrant and perform targeted surveillance. mass surveillance only serves to profile the innocent so the government at a later time that suits them, can dig up some dirt on a political rival to discredit them.

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