Aug 242018
 August 24, 2018  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Online, Surveillance

Sean Keach reports:

GOOGLE’S Incognito Mode is a great way to hide your online antics – but there’s a big hole that could leave you exposed.

A new study from Vanderbilt University reveals a sneaky way Google can see exactly what you’ve been looking at online.


It emerged that Google can still record the websites you browse while in Incognito Mode on the Chrome browser, and link them to your identity.

This will come as a surprise to some users who thought the special setting protected them.

Read more on The Sun. In a follow-up report, they report that

GOOGLE has denied tracking users’ browsing history when they are using Incognito Mode in its Chrome browser.

But it failed to quash the claim that it still has the ability to do so.

Read more of Google’s response on The Sun.

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