Sep 252010
 September 25, 2010  Posted by  Online

Scott Fayner reminds us how the Internet never forgets:

I thought it was going pretty well for a first date.

Staci laughed at all my jokes. From our table at Abe & Louie’s in the Back Bay, she fed me salmon from her fork and didn’t run off screaming when I told her that I made a living as a freelance writer. Good start, I remember thinking as I excused myself to take a leak. But when I returned from the bathroom, I was no longer the semi-famous word scribbler she pictured me to be moments ago. I could tell from her maddened eyes and that snarl on her lips that the jig was up: I was now a monster. “Who is Taylor Rain?” she demanded. I thought long and hard before answering: “The porn star Taylor Rain?”

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