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 September 3, 2010  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Online

Google Inc has settled a lawsuit alleging privacy violations in connection with its Buzz social networking service, according to a court document filed on Friday.


To settle the proposed class action brought by a Gmail user, Google will set aside $8.5 million for attorneys fees and donations to organizations focused on Internet privacy, the court filing said. In addition, “the settlement requires that Google undertake wider public education about the privacy aspects of Buzz,” the document said.

Read more on Reuters.

Update 1: AFP provides some of the financial details on the settlement, here. Google reportedly paid $8.5 million.

Lawyers that filed the class-action suit staked out 30 percent of the settlement money and the seven named plaintiffs were to get no more than 2,500 dollars each, according to court documents.
The rest of the money, which Google is to deposit in a fund, was earmarked for organizations devoted to Internet privacy policy or education.

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