Dec 182012
 December 18, 2012  Posted by  Non-U.S.

Loek Essers reports:

When users install Google Maps on their iPhone, the option to share location data with Google is switched on by default. By doing this, Google violates European data protection law, according to a German data protection watchdog.

Google Maps for iPhone appeared in the App Store on Wednesday and was welcomed by many after Apple stumbled with its own maps application. Google Maps quickly became the most popular free app in the App Store.

When the app is downloaded, Google prompts users to accept its terms of service and privacy policy in the startup screen.

Read more on Computerworld.

You really can’t read this story without thinking how here, Microsoft turning on DoNotTrack by default in IE10 resulted in such strong resistance and plans to disable it.  Maybe I’m living in the wrong country when it comes to privacy.

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