Jul 272009
 July 27, 2009  Posted by  Business, Non-U.S.

Google  had better hope former Tory shadow minister David Davis doesn’t return to a senior role in a future Conservative government. Its chief privacy counsel Peter Fleischer has given Davis a tongue-lashing for opposing Google Health and criticising Google’s privacy record.

Davis was writing in The Sunday Times in opposition to Tories’ wish to give citizens ownership and transportability of their health records. But a furious-sounding Fleischer, on Google’s European policy blog, lambast the “polemicists who abuse the truth” including Davis for his “extraordinary attack, riddled with misleading statements”.

Google Health isn’t yet available in the UK, Fleischer wrote, countering Davis’ views that Google is “hostile to privacy”, European privacy law “does not apply to it”, its Google.cn launch in China was an “amoral deal” and that Google is “exploiting its customers’ private data”.

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