Mar 152011
 March 15, 2011  Posted by  Business, Featured News, Online

Alexander Hanff writes:

Last summer I raised an issue with Google regarding location sharing on Android devices. Google give consumers the option of disabling location sharing on their new Android device during initial device setup (the first time you turn the device on) and the wording Google uses leads consumers to believe that is an end to it, but it isn’t.

When setting up my own HTC Desire, I of course chose to disable location sharing and it seemed to work. However, a couple of days later I was checking settings in the Android browser and discovered that despite opting out of location sharing, the Android browser still had location sharing enabled.

This infuriated me as I felt deceived, I raised the issue on Twitter and discovered many others had the same problem, many of them sharing location data through their browser settings for months, completely unaware that it was happening, they assumed that all location sharing was disabled when they selected the option during setup.

Read more on Alex’s Blog on Privacy International.

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