Feb 062023
 February 6, 2023  Posted by  Business, Surveillance

Jigsaw, which produces tools to protect people from surveillance and other threats, saw its staff slashed by at least a third amidst concerns its altruistic work is being shelved in favor of more profitable endeavors for Google.

Thomas Brewster and Richard Nieva report:

A Google company producing tools to counter online hate speech and disinformation and to protect civil society from surveillance has had its workforce cut by at least a third, according to three employees laid off by Alphabet in January, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

Jigsaw was founded in 2010 as Google Ideas, with the aim of protecting repressed communities and nonprofits. Its workforce of 50 has now been reduced by at least 20, according to the sources. With between a third and half of Jigsaw staff gone in one fell swoop, it’s being hit significantly harder than the rest of Alphabet’s workforce, which overall saw a workforce reduction of about 6% of its total employees.

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