Apr 272010
 April 27, 2010  Posted by  Court, Featured News, Non-U.S., Online

The Italian court which sentenced three Google executives to a suspended jail term made a legal error, according to an Italian legal expert who has studied the judgment. Elvira Berlingieri told OUT-LAW that Google was likely to win any appeal.


According to Berlingieri, the convictions are based on Google’s failure to notify users that they should not upload another person’s personal data without consent, and that they processed personal data “in order to profit” from the display of adverts alongside the video content.

“It’s true that people do not read all the terms and conditions,” said Berlingieri. “The problem with the judgment is that we still have no rule of law that takes into consideration the difference between saying ‘yes, I accept’ by pushing a button to sign up to an internet service and understanding what you’re really accepting. This is where the judgment probably went too far”.

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