Jun 042013
 June 4, 2013  Posted by  Business

Well, Google certainly knows how to get publicity. Here are two stories generating a buzz this week:

Google ‘bans’ facial recognition on Google Glass – but developers persist

Google will not allow apps that implement facial recognition on its Google Glass product, the company says, citing privacy concerns, after an American company said it would offer a commercial service to recognise celebrities and others.

Developers have pointed out though that it is possible to load apps – which Google calls “Glassware” – onto the wearable system without needing Google’s permission. Those could then communicate with any of a growing number of services which say they can connect a name with a face once given a photo.

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Google bans porn on Google Glass

On Monday morning, the first porn app for Google Glass was announced. A few hours later, Google officially banned sexually explicit material on the futuristic eyewear.


Google has added a new section to its developer policies for Google Glass that prohibits apps from delivering sexually explicit content.
Google also bans gratuitous violence, hate speech and gambling on Glass.

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