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 June 3, 2011  Posted by  Misc, Surveillance

Bill Davidow writes:

We face a stark choice between a potential Orwellian state and lives ruled by cyber-terrorists and cyber-criminals.  This choice stems from living in an Internet-driven, overconnected world.  Fortunately,  by opting for a potential Orwellian state, we give up very little.

Mention the words national ID card and you will be attacked by liberals on the left and conservatives on the right.  Republicans like Rep. Jim Guest from Missouri will tell you such an idea is “a frontal assault on the freedom of Americans.”  Former Democratic Rep. Ed Roybal from California warned “We may face the danger of ending up like Nazi Germany.”

Rep. Roybal might want to be reminded that in today’s Germany, one of the most privacy-sensitive nations in the world, all citizens are required to carry a national ID card.  And both lawmakers seemed to ignore the fact that in the U.S., a virtual national ID card already exists.

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