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 April 3, 2011  Posted by  Court, Youth & Schools

Fernanda Santos reports:

An 11-year-old Bronx girl has sued New York City, claiming that police officers overreacted last spring, handcuffing her after a fight with a third-grade classmate and denying her mother’s request to be present when they interviewed her.

The suit claims that the fight did not warrant a police response: no one was injured, it says, and although a teacher was kicked while trying to break it up, the teacher later said she was not sure which of the girls involved was to blame. The suit also accuses the city of failing to properly train the officers to deal with episodes involving children.


Anissa Chalmers, the principal at Public School 132 in Morrisania, where the fight occurred, declined to comment.


The lawsuit names the city, the Police Department and the three police officers who went to the school as defendants

Read more in the New York Times.  I’ll have to follow this lawsuit, although a bad decision for the plaintiff could make things more difficult down the road in terms of police getting involved in what used to be considered matters that schools would handle themselves.

h/t, FourthAmendment.com

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