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 June 5, 2023  Posted by  Surveillance

Lighthouse Reports reports:

In the decade since Edward Snowden’s leaks exposed the workings of the US and UK national surveillance apparatus, the market for spying services has fragmented and expanded into a start-up economy of location trackers, password crackers and data extractors. Investigations into this industry have focused on spyware companies like NSO Group and Intellexa. But here we expose a prolific actor in this space, operating not from a secret office building in the high tech hubs of Tel Aviv, Larnaca or Athens but from a modest terraced house on a sleepy sidestreet in the medieval town of Basel.

His name is Andreas Fink: maverick tech expert and telecom entrepreneur, former ally of Julian Assange and vocal critic of the security state, now turned surveillance industry enabler.

Read more at Lighthouse Reports.

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h/t, Joe Cadillic

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