Sep 152010
 September 15, 2010  Posted by  Laws, Online

Kashmir Hill interviews Chris Wolf, co-founder of the Future of Privacy Forum.  Here’s a snippet of the interview:

Kash: As Congress gets back to work, they’re going to be talking about online privacy and debating the drafts of these online privacy bills from Boucher and Rush. I’ve read through them, and they’re complicated. (Surprise, surprise.) Is anything productive going to come of this?

I doubt they’re going to be passed this year, certainly in an election year, given other priorities… But I think it’s always a good thing when attention is paid to how better to improve privacy.

I founded the Forum two years ago to explore new ways to improve privacy. We didn’t rule out legislation and we’re not allergic to it, but obviously great care has to be taken. Because there can be seriously adverse unintended consequences of regulation that can affect what is really one of the few shining lights in our economy right now, which is the Internet economy and online commerce.

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