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 May 7, 2019  Posted by  Govt

Dell Cameron report:

America’s top consumer watchdog will face questions from congressional lawmakers this week concerning a veritable laundry list of privacy-related incidents, including many that will be centered around Facebook’s own protracted series of failures.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is holding its first oversight hearing for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in nine months, and the first since the Democrats won control of the House last fall. Privacy concerns, stemming from major security incidents over the past two years, including Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica incident and the commission’s ongoing investigation into the Equifax data breach, will largely dominate the conversation.

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I understand that a lot in Congress is partisan and politicized, but I really wish oversight was bipartisan or nonpartisan.

Do you remember five years ago when the House held oversight hearings on the FTC and got into the LabMD case? Do you remember how much of their report and findings were swept under rugs as partisan?  And what happened later? The Eleventh Circuit handed FTC a huge loss in that case that would impact their data security enforcement going forward.

What has Congress done since either of those events to either give FTC the resources and/or backing it may need to enforce privacy? What has it done to rein the FTC in or redirect it on its data security enforcement in the wake of the LabMD case?

Can Congress just STOP with the game-playing and get serious together about the FTC and privacy and data security enforcement?  Please?

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