Jun 222015
 June 22, 2015  Posted by  Business, Govt

Wendy Davis reports:

The Federal Trade Commission should prevent ride-sharing service Uber from accessing users’ contact lists or unnecessarily gathering users’ geolocation data, the watchdog Electronic Privacy Information Center says in a complaint filed today.

“There is a clear divide between Uber’s representations as to their consumers’ control over their personal information, and Uber’s actual business practices,” EPIC alleges in its complaint. “Consumers are led to believe that they retain control over their personal data, when in fact they do not.”

Read more on Media Post.

As EPIC explains:

EPIC has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, charging that Uber’s plan to track users and gather contact details is an unlawful and deceptive trade practice. EPIC cites Uber’s history of misusing customer data as one of many reasons the Commission must act. EPIC has also recommended comprehensive legislation for Uber and other similar companies.

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