Sep 162009
 September 16, 2009  Posted by  Laws, Non-U.S., Online

Associated Press reports that France’s lower house of parliament approved a law that would cut off internet access for illegally downloading music and films. By one estimate, 1000 people per day could be knocked offline if the bill becomes law, which looks quite likely. Although the details have to be worked out and the upper and lower house versions reconciled, AP reports that:

Pirates who ignore email warnings and a registered letter could see their internet connections cut for up to a year, and they could also face up to €300,000 (£266,900) in fines or jail time.

Even parents whose children download illegally could be targeted for neglecting to police their online activities – after warnings, the family’s internet service could be shut down for a month, and they could be slapped with a €3,750 (£3,336) fine.

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